Casa Fuego
Restaurant & Grill

Casa Fuego is a place of joy and simplicity rhythmed by the pleasure of the Colagreco family.

Only a few steps away from the Italian border, the Casa Fuego restaurant will welcome you into a warm and chill atmosphere. From the terrace, enjoy one of the nicest views of Menton : the old town, the port, the Mediterranean sea, or choose an inside seat and benefit from an immersion in Argentina, with a view of the grill and the kitchen.

Strongly anchored into the Menton territory and using all of the treasures that it has to offer, Casa Fuego is working only with fresh and seasonal products and all of that using a short circuit. Some of the fruits and vegetables come directly from the Mauro Colagreco’s garden, placed a few meters away from the restaurant, whereas others come from the Menton or Ventimiglia local markets.

The Argentinian identity by Mauro Colagreco

Discover the Argentinian roots of Mauro Colagreco around a sharing cooking, highlighting classics of South-American cooking. Let us take you into his childhood memories, and family secrets and let yourself be swept away by the flavours of this colourful cuisine. From some of the Argentinian inspiration sauces; chimichurri, and aguachile, to typical dishes ; escalibada, and empanadas, through the wine selection, everything is done to make you travel. It’s a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, a stop by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and a discovery of the Andean Cordilleras landforms.

Chef Mauro Colagreco restyles some of his favourite recipes, and highlights the strong Argentinian and local traditions by working with local and seasonal products and always in the respect of the environment.

The Grill

Central piece of the restaurant, the grill reminds us of the Argentinian ritual “Asado”, and the strong traditions around the “Asado”, symbol of joy and friendship, where all the products, not only meat, are enhanced by the wood-fired cooking. Amazing flavours enhancer, and marker of the strong legacy of the chef and his roots, the grill promises a tasty cooking, full of flavours and generous, just like the Argentinean traditions where sharing and conviviality are the main pillars.

Discover a large choice of matured meats, mainly from France, and raised in the respect of the living, whose flavours, and the subtle notes of wood fire, transport you to the heart of the Argentinean tradition. Or choose a local fish, environmentally friendly fishing, or a vegetarian recipe cooked over the coals, which will make you rediscover these products.

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